Mead Food Bank looking for new home

Uncertainty hangs over current location of Mead Food Bank
Mead Food Bank donations

MEAD, Wash. — Mead Food Bank has fed hungry families struggling with food insecurity for more than twenty years. They’re stocked with grocery items and produce. They even have household items, hygiene products, and clothing for people who need it.

Their volunteers call it ‘the food bank that never sleeps.’ They have been serving the community for 23 years now. But whether they get to a 24th year, is up in the air.

Now, they’re turning to the community for help. The food bank reached out to 4 News Now, and said their property owners may renovate their building to the point where it wouldn’t include a space for them.

Nearly 11,000 households had access to more than two-million pounds of food in the last ten years, thanks to Mead Food Bank.

“We need this here. This plays a vital role in helping, lifting the community,” said Kirby Monahan, founder of Mead Food Bank.

The food bank said they’re in fear they’ll be homeless. They said the owners of their building are considering other plans for the property.

“If we’re not here, people are going to have to go through other organizations to find the help,” Monahan said.

Which means clients having to relive an uneasy process in admitting they need help.

“It is very difficult for some people with pride. We’re not here to judge them, however people’s pride often gets in the way,” Monahan said.

At mead food bank, they get to go home with a box full of everything the need.

“There are many, many people who have chronic food issues that are on disability or on retirement, and they can’t make their way. And they need that extra help and we’re able to do that,” Monahan said.

January 7 is the day Mead Food Bank will find out what date they need to leave this location by.

“They might say, you need to be out in 24 hours. And jeez, I hope not. But they might say that,” Monahan said.

There is a possibility it could go the other way.

“Or they might say, hey we’re going to have compassion. Let’s figure out a way to have you lease the land,” Monahan said.

Mead Food Bank is  looking for your help and hope, so they can continue to help neighbors in need. They are looking to the community for help in finding a new home. If you have any ideas for places they could take advantage of, whether that’s temporary or permanently, they want you to give them a call at 509-979-2005.