McCain Suspending Presidential Campaign

NEW YORK (AP) — John McCain says he wants to delay Friday’s foreign policy debate with Barack Obama and temporarily put aside their presidential campaign to focus on solving the nation’s financial problems.

Senator Barack Obama’s campaign, however, says he is inclined to go ahead with Friday’s presidential debate, even though rival John McCain is calling for a delay.

McCain said Wednesday that he wants to stop all campaigning Thursday and postpone the debate so they can work together on the financial crisis but Obama campaign officials say the senator is inclined to move ahead.

The Obama campaign confirmed that Obama and McCain had two private phone conversations about the matter Wednesday and that Obama made the first call to propose a joint a statement in support of a rescue package.

McCain says he wants President Bush to convene a leadership meeting in Washington that would include him and Obama, saying it’s “become clear that no consensus has developed” to support the administration’s $700 Billion rescue package. 

McCain says partisanship needs to be put aside to resolve the crisis, time is “running out,” and that if Congress and the administration fail to act, “every corner of the country” will be affected.