McCain Raises $27 Million In July

WASHINGTON — John McCain raised 27 million dollars last month. It was his biggest one-month fundraising haul since clinching the Republican presidential nomination.

McCain’s campaign manager calls their fundraising “very healthy.” Rick Davis notes that July was the fifth straight month McCain has improved his cash flow. He says the money came from 600,000 donors, who are part of the GOP’s 1.5 million donors.

Democratic rival Barack Obama recently surpassed 2 million contributors.

The Democratic National Committee has not yet disclosed its monthly takes.

Republicans have been trying to even out the financial playing field in this campaign after trailing Democrats in overall fundraising for most of the election cycle.

Since McCain agreed to accept public financing for the general election, he essentially needs to drain down his privately funded campaign bank account this month. That explains, for example, why he can afford to spend 6 million dollars on TV ads during the Olympics.