McCain, Palin Campaign In Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH (AP) — John McCain has been introducing new running mate Sarah Palin to voters in battleground Pennsylvania.

McCain and Palin made a morning stop at Tom’s Diner in Pittsburgh’s trendy Southside neighborhood. The running mates, with spouses in tow, greeted patrons and posed for pictures.

The first-term Alaska governor told reporters she was having fun in her new role.

The candidates are wending their way toward Minnesota, site of next week’s Republican National Convention.

The mood of the gathering is being shadowed by Hurricane Gustav, which is approaching the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf state governors and delegates could decide to remain at home if the storm threatens to bring serious damage. It could also affect Monday’s opening-night address by President Bush.

In an interview taped for “Fox News Sunday,” McCain says he’s monitoring the situation and “saying a few prayers, too.”