Mayoral candidates take to the streets to rack up votes

Mayoral candidates take to the streets to rack up votes
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The mayoral election in Spokane is just over two months away, so that means every day matters for candidates Nadine Woodward and Ben Stuckart.

The two candidates were separated by just 1,000 votes in the final count from the primary election results.

So, each day of campaigning is spent in a different neighborhood as they push for your vote.
But, what is that really like?

4 News Now hit the campaign trail with both candidates to see how they interact with the local communities.

Woodward spent the day in Hillyard, despite already having won that part of town in the primary.
When asked why, she simply said it’s just a special place.

“I love it here the people are real, the people are hard-working,” Woodward said. “They’re trying to make things happen for themselves, and we need to help them make things happen.”

Ben Stuckart took a similar approach as he spent the day in the South Hill neighborhood, despite taking that most of that area in the primary election.

He said that’s because he is using his results from the city council president election to search for more support.

He also spoke to one resident who told him, “I am so glad you’re running again,” she said. “You have experience, and I appreciate your hard work and really appreciate your attitude about homeless people.”

Both candidates will keep hitting the campaign trail every day, but Sep. 5 will also add some perspective to the election.

There will be a candidate forum at the Spokane Public Library on that day at 9 a.m. to discuss homelessness within the city.