Mayoral candidates react to ‘Curing Spokane’ documentary

Mayoral candidates react to ‘Curing Spokane’ documentary
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The debut of ‘Curing Spokane,’ a documentary created by a local developer, drew reactions from Spokane mayoral candidates Ben Stuckart and Nadine Woodward on Thursday.

Prominent local developer Larry Stone commissioned the 17-minute video called ‘Curing Spokane,’ which Stone says, sets out to address concerns with safety downtown and property crime across the city.

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Stuckart was among the first to comment on the production, lambasting the proposed solutions. “I don’t see how Larry can watch his own film and decide the solutions are parking spaces instead of mental health treatment, underground bus stations instead of affordable housing, and a bigger jail instead of programs that get our people out of poverty,” he said.

The problem with videos like “Seattle is Dying” and Larry Stone’s sequel is that they spend thousands of dollars with a camera embarrassing, inciting, and shaming our people to make a political point.

— Ben Stuckart (@votebenstuckart) August 29, 2019

Woodward posted on Facebook, praising the documentary. “Spokane developer Larry Stone has gone to great lengths and personal cost to document the serious problems facing our city,” Woodward said.

When initially interviewed, Stone told 4 News Now he’s staying neutral and is not backing either Nadine Woodward or Ben Stuckart. However, according to the Public Disclosure Commission, Stone has donated $970 to Stuckart’s campaign.

4 News Now has not partnered with Stone on this production. He paid to license our reports.

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