Mayor Verner Plays Mother Goose

SPOKANE (AP) — Mayor Mary Verner Verner and City Administrator Thomas E. “Ted” Danek Jr. found themselves in a new role after a City Council meeting — goose herders.

Heading for their cars Monday, Verner and Danek saw a Canada goose wandering into traffic. The mayor pulled a towel from her car and to use in keeping the goose in the parking lot.

The goose tried to eat the towel and kept heading for Spokane Falls Boulevard, so they covered the creature with a cardboard box.

Finally the two officials herded the large bird along the sidewalk to Riverfront Park, and Danek held traffic as Verner got the goose across Post Street.

The goose was last seen making for the Spokane River.

A police officer arrived at the end. Danek said he didn’t think it was worth calling 911.