Mayday Health displays billboards promoting birth control at University of Idaho

MOSCOW, Idaho — Mayday Health, an educational non-profit that promotes the use of abortion pills, is displaying billboards across the University of Idaho campus.

The mobile, digital billboards tell Idaho residents that they can still access birth control, Plan B, and abortion pills in the state.

This comes after the U of I sent a letter out to staff, saying they are not allowed to promote abortion or the use of birth control on campus.

Mayday Health says they believe the First Amendment protects the right to share this information and educate students about the right to abortion.

The digital billboard will follow a route through Daekin Avenue, Narrow Street, Idaho Avenue, Blake Avenue, 6th and 7th Street, Campus Drive, and Rayburn Street.

The billboard will also be parked outside the Kibbie Dome for the Vandals’ football game on Saturday.

Here are the messages being displayed on the billboard:

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