‘Materials can be replaced. Lives can’t’: Brush fire destroys home in north Spokane

Fire Near Euclid And Division

SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane family is without a home tonight as a brush fire off of Division destroyed their house and damaged several others.

“It just roared. Came up the hill so fast. It was unreal,” said Kelly Cline.

Cline grew up in that house in north Spokane. A home filled with childhood memories, now a complete loss.

“It’s still sinking in. It’s very surreal. I haven’t slept since the day before the fire,” said Cline.

Cline lived there up until Tuesday with his mom, girlfriend and their two dogs. His girlfriend was the one who first noticed the smoke filling the air.

“We peeked down the hill and there was a fire about six feet in diameter that we could see through the smoke,” Cline said.

That six-foot blaze quickly grew into something much bigger.

“It was probably two or three minutes before we realized we had to run,” said Cline.

They immediately evacuated, leaving everything behind. While things can often be replaced, Cline’s sister-in-law Heidi said the memories created in their home are irreplaceable.

“She’s worked for many years making it a little oasis. It’s her safe place and now it’s gone,” she said.

“It sounds to me like they’re going to chalk it up as a total loss,” said Cline.

For now, they’re focusing on what they do have.

“Everyone survived,” said Cline.

Leaning on one another until they figure out what’s next.

“Materials can be replaced. Lives can’t,” added Cline.

It’s been learned that the fire was caused by a person, but whether it was intentional or unintentional is still unknown.

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