Massive snowstorm hits Spokane, and it isn’t over yet

Massive snowstorm hits the inland northwest

SPOKANE, Wash. — It was a rough night for Spokane drivers on Friday, as a massive snowstorm hit the Inland Northwest.

Though many were well aware of the inevitable snowfall, some were still caught off guard.

The General Store was packed with procrastinators, who were estimated to have bought about 100 shovels at the end of the day. And those probably didn’t go to waste as seven inches of snow blanketed Spokane.

Washington State Patrol says 120 people in the area were caught in crashes on Friday. Troopers responded to half of those crashes in Spokane, where countless other cars- including a semi- got stuck.

Safe to say, the snow isn’t for everyone.

“I’m not going out at all this weekend,” said Spokane resident Jack Morgan.