Mann Gets 28 Year Sentence For Deputy Shooting

SPOKANE — Two days ago Jason Mann was found guilty of attempting to shoot a Spokane Sheriff’s Deputy. On Thursday he found out just how long he’d be paying for his lapse in judgment.

Judge Kathleen O’Connor sentenced Jason Mann to 28 years in prison for attempting to shoot Deputy Kevin Thurman following a traffic stop last December 28th. Deputy Thurman, with his mother riding along with him that evening, pursued Mann on foot after the traffic stop. Mann then opened fire on Deputy Thurman, forcing the officer to return fire.

Then, when Mann said he was surrendering, he pointed his gun at Deputy Thurman again. Back at the patrol car meanwhile Thurman’s mother Lynda had been radioing her son’s status to dispatch and had grabbed his shotgun to defend herself if necessary.

“I want him to know that had I not seen my son the moment I did that I wouldn’t have hesitated to use that shotgun,” Lynda Thurman said.

Mann was subdued and taken into custody and on Thursday Deputy Thurman faced him down again, asking Judge O’Connor to give him an exceptional sentence for his crimes.

“When I look at Mr. Mann I see a person that fits the perfect mold of a serious criminal that’s a threat and danger to this community,” Deputy Thurman said

In handing down Mann’s sentence Judge O’Connor criticized him for faking like his was surrendering and then trying to get off another shot. The judge said Deputy Thurman was trying to avoid using deadly force and nearly paid for his restraint with his life.