Mann Claims Shooting At Deputy Was Accident

SPOKANE —   Jason Mann took the witness stand in his own defense Monday and told the jury that a shooting involving a Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy was nothing more than an accident.

Mann wants the jury to believe that his gun went off accidentally while leading a deputy on a foot pursuit during a snow storm this last January.

Actually, Mann wants the jury to believe his gun went off not once but twice. He confirmed he had a gun in his pocket the night he was pulled over at a convenience store and then fled on foot with Deputy Jeff Thurman pursuing him threw the snow to a nearby yard.

“He came into the yard cussing telling me to come out, I didn’t think he could see me at the time so I just stayed still hoping he would go away,” Mann said.

However Deputy Thurman said Mann pointed his gun at him from his hiding spot and that’s when Thurman opened fire.

“I felt them hit me, I felt pain and then all I really knew was I had to get rid of the pistol that was in my hand and give up so I could go to the hospital,” Mann said.

Deputy Thurman, however, says that when Mann said he was ready to surrender he fired at him again. Mann, on the other hand, says the gun went off accidentally when he threw it to the ground.

Under cross examination Deputy Prosecutor Larry Steinmetz accused Mnn of deliberately pulling the trigger at least twice.

“Well there are two separate casings in that yard from your weapon correct?” Steinmetz asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Well then how did the weapon discharge twice on it’s own?”

“I don’t know the answer to that,” Mann said.

In court Monday it was also revealed that Mann, a convicted felon, purchased the gun from a friend a few days before the shooting. At the time of the shooting he was also carrying brass knuckles and $200 worth of methamphetamine.

The jury has begun deliberating his case and will continue their deliberations when court reconvenes Tuesday morning.