Man threatens to call police on girl at lemonade stand

9-year-old NC boy robbed at gunpoint at his lemonade stand
newleaf01 via Wikimedia Commons

A California girl who decided to set up a lemonade stand on public property faced harassment from a man who demanded to see her business license.

SFGate reports a man approached the girl when she was setting up her stand to ask for her business license. When she obviously couldn’t produce one, the man told her he would call police. The girl’s father said she came home crying and upset.

“She was so scared that she came home crying and sobbing and said she didn’t want to go to jail,” he said.

Although her business venture got off to a rough start, the girl was able to set up a new stand on her family’s property after some encouragement from her parents.

“I told her how much our community supported her when I posted what happened. She was so surprised and encouraged.”

On her second try, her father reports his daughter ended up running out of cookies and had just enough lemonade to serve to the last two police officers who visited.