Man sues Popeye’s over chicken sandwich shortage

Hungry chicken fans across the country were left empty-handed when trying to buy Popeye’s new chicken sandwich this week when the chain ran out of them.

But one man was exasperated he’s suing the chain for $5,000, WTVC reported.

Craig Barr, of East Ridge, filed a summons accusing the restaurant of false advertising and deceptive business practices.

He says he drove around to several locations only to be told at each of them that there was no chicken sandwich available.

He claims he even responded to a Craigslist ad posted by someone who said they worked at Popeye’s and was selling the sandwiches under the table for $24.

He says he paid the money, but never got his sandwich.

That ad is no longer online and police say they haven’t had any reports on it.

Barr has been given a court day of October 28.