Man stabbed at Spokane Valley Hooters

Man stabbed at Spokane Valley Hooters

Sheriff’s deputies say a man was stabbed at least four times at Hooters in Spokane Valley Saturday night.

Spokane Valley Sheriff’s received the stabbing call around 9 p.m.

When the deputy arrived, he talked with the victim inside the Hooters casino. The man said he saw an old friend who asked him to step outside.

The victim said he thought the man wanted to work out issues from their past, but instead he pulled a folding knife out of his front pocket and stood in a threatening manner.

Thinking the man was going to stab him, the victim hit him in the face one time. The suspect then attacked him, stabbing him at least four times before he could get away.

Deputies say surveillance video verified the man’s description of the incident. He suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Deputies also have information about the suspect, but have not released it. The investigation is ongoing.