Man searches for dog that went missing during the Moscow fire

Missing Idlers Rest dog Aspen
Missing dog Aspen
CREDIT: Jim Mital

MOSCOW, Idaho– Aspen had only been part of Jim Mital’s family for a few days before she went missing.

The 2-year old American Eskimo dog was a rescue that had previously lived most of her life in a puppy mill and Mital said he was looking forward to giving her a new life with his other dog Angus. He has just lost another dog, Tinker, an 11-year-old American Eskimo dog to cancer in July.

Mital said he had just welcomed Aspen into his home Saturday. On Monday when he went to let his other dog outside Aspen snuck by him and took off. Mital said he tried to chase her down in his flip-flops, but couldn’t watch her. That’s when he hopped in his car and continued the search.

Mitel lives on  Idlers Road near where the Moscow fire started. He said while he was on his way back home from searching for Aspen he noticed helicopters dropping buckets of water on the fire. He said he was worried about all the noise and commotion scaring Aspen.

That’s when he set out on foot to search for her.

He said he spent hours looking for her west of the fire. He looked through fields and forests trying to find her and bring her home. He let the fire rescue crews on the scene know he was looking for her with hopes they might have seen her in the area.

A day after she went missing, Mital put out food, water and a dog bed on his deck to try and coax her into coming back. He also gave out hundreds of posters to people in his neighborhood so they could also keep an eye out for Aspen.

Mital said Aspen isn’t familiar with the area but he’s hopeful she will return.

Anyone who sees Aspen is asked to contact Jim Mital at 208-310-066 or He said a reward is being offered.

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