Man robbed, assaulted by 2 women during what he thought would be a ‘romantic encounter’

Police lights

ROSALIA, Wash. — What started as a possible “romantic” encounter, quickly went awry. 

A man called the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office early Monday morning to report he had been robbed and assaulted by two women athe Horn School Rest Area. 

The man said he had been traveling with the two women, identified as 24-year-old Rienna Edgeman and 25-year-old Stacy Nieri, and pulled over at a rest area for what he thought would be a romantic encounter. 

Instead, he was robbed. 

The victim said he was driving separately and one of the women stole his wallet, then drove off with the other woman. 

The man told deputies he drove after them and found them on Cache Creek Rd. There was an altercation and the victim said one of the suspects pulled out a firearm, then fired at least one round at him. 

He then called 911 and deputies quickly located both suspects. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the suspects admitted to stealing money and firing a handgun at the victim because they thought he was trying to run them off the road. 

Edgeman and Nieri were both booked into jail for first-degree robbery and first-degree assault.