Man found shot to death in Atlanta home, may have been there for days

Man found shot to death in Atlanta home, may have been there for days
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Police were called to a home on Alder Lane in Southwest Atlanta on Saturday afternoon around 3:45 p.m. When officers arrived, they discovered a black male in his 30s who had been shot to death. Investigators say he may have been there for 2-3 days, and he did not live in the house.

“Somebody who is looking after the house, because the owner wasn’t able to be here for a few days, so he sent somebody by to check on the residence, that person found the male that’s located inside the house,” said Major Michael O’Connor.

A large group of friends and family of the victim quickly gathered outside the crime scene. Shea Miller’s husband was the victim’s best friend, “I’m just here for the support, I’m trying to find out what happened just like y’all trying to find out what happened.”

Jasmine Davis came to the scene right away as well, because she said she shares a child with the victim. “I’m hurt because him and my son didn’t have the type of relationship I wanted them to have, but he did his part.” Davis said she felt badly for the victim’s other family members. “I’m sorry for their loss though, I’m just gonna have to deal with my son not having a father.” She said he was a good dad, and he worked hard.

Major O’Connor said they do not have any suspects yet, and will have to start at the very beginning, interviewing those involved and trying to figure out the circumstances of this man’s death. Police have not formally confirmed the victim’s identity.