Man drowns in Moses Lake irrigation canal

Irrigation Canal Moses Lake
Grant County Sheriff's Office

MOSES LAKE, Wash. — A 44-year-old man is believed to have drowned in a Moses Lake irrigation canal Sunday.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office says Joshua Griffen, 44, was traveling with a friend along Road 4 Northeast when they decided to swim in an irrigation canal. The current was strong and Griffen was swept under.

Grant County firefighters and first responders recovered Griffen’s body but were unable to resuscitate him.

The county coroner will be conducting an autopsy. Griffen’s family has been notified of his passing.

The sheriff’s office wants to remind people that irrigation canals are extremely dangerous—it is hard to tell how strong the current is, and even the best swimmers can be overpowered and swept underwater. This marks the second canal drowning this summer.

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