Man convicted in brutal 2016 Spokane County murder

Man convicted in brutal 2016 Spokane County murder
John Radavich

A Spokane County jury Wednesday convicted John Radavich for the murder of 35-year old Robert Tester.

The murder was particularly gruesome and was witnessed by Tester’s eight-year old daughter.

An earlier trial ended in a mistrial.

Initial court records in the case showed Tester was dating Radavich’s ex-girlfriend. Prosecutors said Radavich killed Tester because he thought the woman was being abused.

The child was sleeping next to her father and awoke to him screaming. She told investigators she saw a man cutting her dad with a knife and a sword. The little girl laid in bed for five hours before she was able to get up and call her grandmother, who called 911.

The murder made regional headlines because Tester was the nephew of U.S. Senator Jon Tester of Montana.