Man attacked, robbed by teenagers at Lewiston park

Man attacked, robbed by teenagers at Lewiston park

A Seattle man was attacked and robbed by teenagers at a Lewiston park.

Lewiston Police responded to a call about a fight at Locomotive Park on Saturday night, where they found 29-year-old Bryan Hites bleeding from a wound on his head.

Hites explained that he had been jumped by six teenagers, who eventually took his wallet and left. After the investigation, he was then transported to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center.

Police then tracked the usage of Hites’ stolen credit cards with help from his friend, revealing recent purchases made on them at a McDonald’s and then an Albertson’s on 21st Street.

They arrived at Albertson’s to find six teenagers leaving the store with a cart full of items – which had been purchased with one of the credit cards in the stolen wallet. Police stopped them and recovered the wallet and credit cards.

According to Lewiston Police, a 14-year-old and 15-year-old were the primary culprits, and were arrested and sent to the Juvenile Detention Center. Both were charged with felonies – robbery and fraudulent use of a financial transaction card. The other teens were sent back home.