Man arrested in road rage murder had child in the car at the time

SPOKANE, Wash. – Court records say the man suspected of killing another man during a road rage incident last week had a nine-year-old child in the car at the time.

The Washington State Patrol arrested 28-year-old Treven F. Lewis as the suspect in 34-year-old David Knoepfle’s death.

Court records show Lewis was under community supervision for a manslaughter conviction. In 2014, Lewis was convicted of killing 65-year-old Frank Motta.

Lewis killed the Vietnam veteran when Motta was trying to break up an underage drinking party.

He served just under seven years in prison on that charge and was released from prison in April 2021.

Now, Lewis faces a second-degree murder charge for the road rage shooting.

Last Friday night, Knoepfle’s fiancee called police to say he had crashed off of Appleway Boulevard after a road rage shooting.

She reported a white Chevrolet Malibu had left the scene.

She told police the situation started on Maple Street and 5th Ave when either the suspect’s vehicle or hers drifted into the other person’s lane. She said Lewis honked his horn and she thought that was it.

Court records show Knoepfle was in a different car, but nearby. When he and his fiance entered the freeway, she got in front of his car. She told police Lewis drove up alongside her and pointed a blank handgun at her through the window.

According to court records, she changed lanes and Knoepfle came up behind her. Then she heard several gunshots.

Knoepfle’s fiancee told police she saw his car exit quickly and crash into a fence. She stopped by him and called 911 when she noticed blood on his shirt. Court records show she saw a bullet hole on his right side.

The Spokane County Medical Examiner later determined the shot entered through his back.

The white Chevy Malibu involved in the shooting left the scene before police arrived, but a community tip helped police identify Lewis as the suspect.

Court records show that Lewis’ 9-year-old child was in the car at the time of the shooting. The little girl told her mother that Lewis was responsible and she contacted the police.

Police searched Lewis’ name on Facebook and found he was in a relationship with a woman they learned owned a Chevy Malibu.

That woman’s coworker also called the police about the shooting. She told police Lewis’ girlfriend was emotional and distraught, saying that he used her gun for the shooting to protect children in the car.

Shell casings at the scene matched a gun owned by Lewis’ partner. Court records show “Lewis told her [his partner] to admit to driving and ‘take the fall’ since she did not have any felonies on her record.”

WSP ultimately developed probable cause to arrest Lewis. He was booked into jail Wednesday night.

He made his first court appearance in District Court Thursday.

The judge addressed Lewis, and he said, ” It’s all fraudulent. All these frivolous allegations,” as he shook his head.

His next court appearance will be in Superior Court.

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