Police: Man arrested in Post Falls used dog to attack officers

Police lights

POST FALLS, ID. — A man from Post Falls was arrested for aggravated assault, two counts of resisting and obstructing, and misuse of 911 on Tuesday.

On Monday, the Post Falls Police Department received a call from 56-year-old Randy Ness, asking officers to take him away. Officers were sent to check in on him, and when arriving at his house, officers noticed a large dog near the door.  

Authorities say the dog was barking aggressively when approaching the door. Ness opened the door, ordering the dog to attack the officers. Officers then shot and incapacitated the dog after it tried attacking them.

Authorities then left and later issued an arrest warrant for Ness. Officers returned to the scene later on Tuesday and arrested Ness. The Post Falls Special Response Team came to assist in the arrest.

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