Man arrested for hitting child with hammer, possessing homemade incendiary devices

Credit: Spokane County Sheriff's Office

SPOKANE, Wash. — Deputies arrested a man for throwing a hammer at a passing car, hitting a child and having homemade incendiary devices in his possession.

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to the area of South Cree Drive and East Apache Pass Road in South Spokane to a report of a possibly intoxicated man blocking traffic. The report also said he was swinging around a hammer while trying to light his car on fire.

The SCSO also said the suspect was carrying homemade “Molotov cocktails” and threatening to throw them at cars/people.

A deputy arrived at the scene and saw a man with a red gas can sitting on the ground near his car. The SCSO says he was also holding what appeared to be an oil bottle with a blue paper wick sticking out of it. The suspect was later identified as 39-year-old Cole L. Healy.

Healy set the bottle on the ground, laid down, put his hands behind his back and crossed his feet without being asked.

Healy was safely detained, and additional officers and deputies arrived to assist. A witness reported seeing Healy flagging down passing cars, but when the witness pulled over, he said Healy was instantly confrontational.