Man accused of killing baby he babysat released from jail

Man accused of killing baby he babysat released from jail
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A Spokane man accused of killing a 10-month-old baby he was babysitting has been released from jail. A $250,000 bond was posted Tuesday.

28-year-old Joshua Mobley was arrested for second degree murder.

Court documents say Mobley and his wife babysit 10-month old Caiden Henry. When Mobley’s wife and Caiden’s mom go to work, Mobley stays home with the child.

According to court documents, Mobley was watching the child again on Sunday. He sent a text message to Caiden’s mom which appeared to show him sleeping in a chair. The text read, “played until he couldn’t.”

That day, Caiden’s mom left work early to be treated for a possible medical condition. The Mobley’s picked her up from the hospital and Caiden appeared to be sleeping in the back seat. Mobley carried the child into the house and placed him on the couch. The child’s mom said Mobley appeared to be very protective of the child and “he told [mom] to leave Caiden alone and let him sleep and it was if Joshua Mobley did not want [her] to touch Caiden whatsoever.

Early the next morning, Caiden’s mother checked on him and found he was not breathing and was cold to the touch.

Caiden’s autopsy revealed multiple injuries, including hemorrhaging and bruising to the abdomen area, bruising to the back of the right lung and hemorrhaging to the brain. The medical examiner determined the manner of death was homicide by blunt force trauma.