Mailman saves teen from sex trafficking in California

Mailman saves teen from sex trafficking in California

A 16-year-old girl is home with her family after a postal carrier saved her from sex trafficking.

KOVR reported that Crystal’s mother, Stacy, said her daughter was lured to Sacramento by someone she thought was a friend, but soon found herself trapped in a world of drugs and sex trafficking.

Crystal managed to escape from her captor’s car with a phone to call for help.

Ivan Crisostomo happened to be delivering mail when it happened.

“I heard this crying when I came out of the vehicle, so I approached her, and I asked her… She was afraid, she didn’t want to talk,” Crisostomo said.

With Crisostomo’s help, Crystal was able to call her mom, even though she was terrified her captors would find her, KOVR reported.

Crisostomo stayed with Crystal and let her sit in his postal truck until sheriff’s deputies arrived.

“The area where she was found is a notoriously high crime area, lots of drugs, prostitution, gangs in that area, so Ivan standing by with her really provided that comfort, that safety and security until officers could arrive,” said Latoya Buford of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department.