Made in the Northwest: Wings Tinctures

Shari Blum is the founder of Wings Tinctures
Shari Blum is the founder of Wings Tinctures. Copyright KXLY 4 News Now 2020.

SPOKANE, Wash. – Shari Blum’s 6-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, has Angelman Syndrome. The disorder comes with severe developmental disabilities, seizures, movement and balance problems and speech impairment, if they’re able to speak at all.

“This is an extremely difficult life with these kids,” explained Blum. “We love them to the moon and back, but it’s really, really hard.”

Elizabeth was diagnosed when she was just 13 months old.

“And told at that time, of course, that there were no therapeutics, nothing in the pipeline. You just do the best you can,” said Blum.

But Blum refused to accept that. She did a ton of research, then came up with a concentrated solution using cannabinoids and some specific terpenes aimed to help Elizabeth.

“Mixed it all up together and six weeks later, my non-verbal child said, ‘Mom.'”

Blum was even able to catch the moment on camera.

“That was amazing. That was a big win.”

Blum’s tincture, which she calls Amazing Grace, also helped Elizabeth walk better and improve her sleep. It worked so well, Blum started making it for other parents in the Angelman community.

“And then they start coming to me and then I can’t keep up with it, so i have to get a website. So it was an accident. It’s a business going completely backwards.”

Now, Wings, her accidental business, which she runs out of a room in her basement, is helping people with Angelman Syndrome all over the world.

“A lot of people describe it as kind of a fog clearing in the brain,” said Blum. “And it’s like more can get through. It’s easier for them to think and to do.”

And it’s not just for Angelman kids.

“(It’s) also excellent for Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s. Anything that’s neurologic.”

She’s since developed several other tinctures using cannabinoids and different terpenes, like Slumber, which is designed to, “Help you get a better night’s rest. A deeper sleep.”

There’s also Animal Kingdom for pets.

Blum also gives back, donating money and product to a pair of foundations that benefit the Angelman community.

“We are going to be curing Angelman Syndrome very soon,” proclaimed Blum confidently. “It’s going to be miraculous.”

But until then, she can take pride in knowing Wings is improving the lives of so many, including Elizabeth.

“It has certainly done wild and amazing things that I never, ever could have dreamt would have happened.”