Made in the Northwest: Industrial Custom Creations

VALLEYFORD, Wash. – Vinnie Pecht has a very simple description of what he does for a living.

“I basically engrave rocks,” said Pecht, the owner of Industrial Custom Creations. “So whatever somebody wants in a rock, I’ll do it.”

Industrial Custom Creations engraves rocks for all types of things.

“A lot of address rocks, memorial stones, business signage,” explained Pecht. “(I’ve) done some stuff with realtors, as far as a realtor gift. And everything in between.”

Pecht started engraving rocks about 10 years ago, when his wife was in nursing school and he was at home with his two young daughters.

“I needed something I could do from home and work on my own schedule. So that’s how it began and it’s just progressed as far as learning new techniques and growing as I can.”

His daughters are actually old enough to help dad with the family business now. And working with them is just part of why Pecht still finds it all so satisfying.

“It’s something I really love because I get to design and be artistic, but then I also have to do some hands on stuff, which is what I like.”

Each engraving project starts with a customer describing what they’re looking for.

“Either they give me an image or I can create an image to their liking,” said Pecht. “And then we just go back and forth with a proof.”

And once he gets the thumbs up on the design, Pecht says, “I cut the stencil and then put it on the rock and sandblast away.”

Pecht actually uses garnet for its sandblasting, because it’s 99.9% silica free and, therefore much safer.

Industrial Custom Creations has done work for a few 4 News Now Extreme Team projects, including an engraving at the Whitworth University Military and Veterans Resource Center. ICC has also done work on some rock engravings in Riverfront Park and on a thousand different pavers at the Rotary Fountain.

“So I think it’s a funny joke to have over a thousand pieces downtown,” laughed Pecht.

As the number of completed projects grows, Pecht says it’s a source of pride when he sees them on display.

“It’s always cool to drive down a neighborhood and see work I’ve done. You know, it’s going to be there for a long time. It’s going to outlast me.”

And he hopes to continue making memorable rock engravings for quite some time.

“It’s exciting to get new projects. Everything is a new challenge and every time I get a job, it’s something different.”