Made in the Northwest: Contemporary Fiberglass and Marine

Contemporary Fiberglass and Marine has been in Spokane Valley for more than two decades.

It’s been in Spokane Valley for more than two decades. But it was 16 years ago that Contemporary Fiberglass and Marine built its first custom extended swim platform, finishing what a loyal customer had started.

“And that gave me the idea to do this. It’s kind of a niche product. There’s not a lot of other people out there doing it,” said co-owner Scott Kurtz. “And from our knowledge, we’re the world’s largest custom extended swim platform manufacturer now.”

Kurtz says 80% of his customers want an extended swim platform for safety reasons, like for kids jumping into the water.

“So they want something to cover that outdrive for safety. But it also gives you plenty of extra functional space to spend time on.”

Those platforms comes in all different sizes. In 2017, the company completed its biggest one to date.

“Fifteen feet wide, seven and a half feet deep for a 65 foot Hatteras (yacht) on the East Coast,” said Kurtz. “And he wanted a set of custom stairs built coming off the swim platform.”

Those custom platforms can be built with custom options like neat cleats and lighting that shines into the water from underneath the platform. Contemporary Fiberglass and Marine even made a circuit board platform just to show how creative it can be.

“We put solar dock dots in there and LED lighting that is controlled by a remote,” said Kurtz.

But these days, Kurtz says his Contemporary Marine Flooring company is what’s really taking off, thanks to SeaDek, a foam product used for traction in boats and platforms.

“It’s nearly indestructible. It provides a non-skid surface, both wet or dry. Comes in a ton of different colors.”

Over the years, Kurtz developed a relationship with SeaDek and says a few years ago, “They offered for us to actually fabricate SeaDek for the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. It’s absolutely huge.”

The SeaDek is cut on a CNC machine, after a template of your boat is converted into a CAD drawing. Kurtz’s wife wonders if her husband likes the product a little too much.

“I put it out on the decks around the swimming pool and the hot tub,” explained Kurtz. “I put it as a non-skid surface in the shower and she says, ‘Okay, you’re getting a little carried away.'”

Kurtz recently sold Contemporary Fiberglass and Marine to his son-in-law and daughter, Kale and Alee Lents, so he can focus on Contemporary Marine Flooring. But whether it’s swim platforms or SeaDek, Kurtz says the two companies want to keep making products their customers can love.

“That’s the moment we live for is to look at the smiles on people’s faces and to tell us we did a great job.”