Lynch Sentenced For 2006 Fatal Crash

SPOKANE — A Spokane Valley man will spend less than three years in jail for hitting and killing a young man on a motorcycle in 2006.

As it was confirmed earlier this week in court Tuesday Christopher Lynch admitted to killing Robb Long and then hiding from police for nearly six months before he was arrested for Long’s death.

In a tearful apology Lynch admitted he made a very poor decision in front of a packed courtroom that included many of Robb Long’s family members, who asked Judge Maryann Moreno to impose the maximum sentence of 34 months.

Robb Long was leaving his job at the Spokane Valley Costco in June of 2006 when he was hit by Lynch, who drove over a median and into Long’s lane and then drove away from the scene.

It was six months later when police finally tracked him down and determined alcohol had been involved.

Robb Long’s grandmother Elsie addressed Lynch directly in court, showing him a picture of her grandson after the crash.

“I wanted him to see that picture so he’d know what a good looking kid Robb was and what he did to him. He absolutely mutilated him. That’s what I have to live with now too,” Elsie Long said.

Elsie Long said her only grandson Robb was the love of her life and was there for him, along with fellow family members, who all addressed Judge Moreno, who commented that “it’s a rare day when I see this much pain.”

After the sentencing hearing Lynch was taken directly to the Spokane County Jail to begin serving his sentence.