Lutheran Community Services in need of volunteer victim advocates

Lutheran Community Services received 2,600 calls from crime victims just in the last year. The organization depends on volunteers from the community to answer those calls, but right now they’re struggling.

The number of volunteers at their agency is at a critical low, so they’re asking for help. Right now they have about 10 volunteers, but they’re hoping to bring that number up by at least 40.

Katie Tolley enjoys spending her weekends at home, but even on her days off she’s making a difference in people’s lives.

“It’s not something I ever saw myself doing,” said Tolley.

Tolley began working as Volunteer Victim Advocate for Lutheran Community Services just one year ago.

“I had to quit putting that pressure on myself and just be in the moment with somebody when they need you most,” said Tolley.

That’s what being a volunteer advocate is all about. It’s about being there for others during some of their darkest moments.

“Then there are times when we get calls from the hospital that says, ‘We’ve got a sexual assault victim and we need an advocate’,” said Tolley.

Lately they’ve had a lot of unfilled shifts and hours, which as put a lot of pressure on their staff.

“That pulls them away from the work that they’re doing during business hours,” said Erin Carden, Program Supervisor with Lutheran Community Services.

If you’re interested in volunteering, you can contact Lutheran Community Services at (509) 747-8224 or you can visit their website.