Low Income Families Get Help With New Cars

SPOKANE — One Spokane group is helping low income families get around town. The Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs (SNAP) is partnering with Numerica Credit Union to provide cars to low income families who qualify.

The joint venture helps lower income employed people within the Spokane community to purchase dependable vehicles.

“For many years we have seen a growing need for people who are employed but may not have great credit or may have lower incomes in their ability to purchase dependable transportation,” says Terry Stoflet, Manager of the SNAP LICO Program.

SNAP is partnering with Numerica Credit Union and five area auto dealers, both new and used, to provide this program.

The problem according to SNAP is that low income families often can’t qualify for auto loans let alone afford the high interest rates.

“We feel there are a number of benefits to an individual participating in this program”, states Stoflet. “The first is that the program also includes some classes to help individuals regain their credit and gain budget control of their own money.”

The program makes the vehicles more affordable by offering them at wholesale prices. 

Numerica is also offering lower interest rates to program participants than would normally be available.

SNAP officials credit their program partners for helping them fill a need in the community.

“This is a unique program and the first for us”, said Stoflet. “We are excited that these car dealerships, along with Numerica, feel as strongly about the need in our community as we do and are willing to do something about it”.

To be eligible for the program, an individual must be employed and must have a lower than average household income.