Longtime Spokane golf pro suing Monsanto over effects of Roundup


SPOKANE, Wash. — A longtime Spokane golf pro filed a lawsuit in federal court, saying the argochemical company Monsanto knew the risks of the chemical Roundup and did nothing to warn consumers.

Gary Lindeblad filed the complaint in Eastern Washington U.S. District Court Monday.

Lindeblad worked for 31 years at the Indian Canyon Golf Course. Most recently, he has worked at the Kalispel Golf and Country Club.

According to the lawsuit, Lindeblad “sprayed Roundup on a regular basis” beginning in the 1970s and continuing for decades. He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 1999 and the suit says he “developed NHL as a result of his exposure to Roundup product.”

That, the suit claims, caused him to incur “significant economic and non-economic damages.”

Roundup has been linked to Non-Hodgkins lymphoma in other suit. In 2019, Monsanto was found liable and ordered to pay $289 million to one individual.

According to Lindeblad’s suit, Monsanto “under-reported, underestimated and downplayed the serious dangers of Roundup.” It claims the company needed to do more to ensure the safety of its product and also do more to warn consumers about that potential danger.

Lindeblad wants Monsanto to pay for his pain, suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life and other damages. Also, to be held responsible for medical expenses and other economic damahes.

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