Location, location, location: Choosing best wedding spot

Tips for choosing the best wedding location

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the first details you might want to secure is where the ceremony and reception will be held. As many venues book far out in advance, you might need to secure the venue as soon as possible.

To help you find the perfect spot for your wedding, consider these details:

How many guests? Make sure you select a venue that will comfortably hold all of your guests. You want to make sure you’re not squeezing your guests into a room, but you also want to make sure the room doesn’t feel too empty if the venue is too large.

How much work do you want to put in? While we might all want a unique location for our wedding, you need to weigh the pros and cons. If a site isn’t set up for a wedding, or to seat your guests, you might need to put in some heavy lifting. While a wedding in the woods sounds romantic, it might also mean you’re hauling in chairs and tables and other decorations. When booking a venue be sure to ask what you would be responsible for setting up and taking down.

What’s your budget? Venues can come in large price ranges. However, you need to do some math to figure out what’s really the best deal. For example, you might think that having your wedding reception at your home, or your parents’ home, is the cheapest solution since you won’t need to pay for the hall. Remember “Father of the Bride” and how much Steve Martin ended up paying? While you save money on the hall, you might end up paying more for upgrades to the home or yard, plus you will need to pay for everything a la carte, such as a valet and table settings. For a wedding at a reception hall, the package might include items like table linens, silverware and valets.

Destination weddings: Destination weddings can be a good idea for small weddings. A lot of resorts help you with the planning, so it can create less of a headache. However, keep in mind that you are asking your guests to travel – which can require them to spend money and have to take time off of work.

Sentimental location: Do you want to get married in the coffee shop where you first met, or by the fountain where you shared your first kiss? Unique and sentimental locations are an option and can help add a romantic feel to your wedding. However, make sure you work out all of the details with the location, and make sure you get all arrangements in writing. Also make sure you have all necessary permits that the city might require for weddings in certain locations.