Little Annah Remembered With Community’s Help

SPOKANE — A smiling child’s legacy, a community coming together, a story that will live on in North Spokane. On Saturday, Annah’s garden became a reality, thanks to helping hands and heavy hearts.

It starts with the story of little Annah Ward. Born with a grim diagnosis, Annah fought with Leukemia her entire life. And although it was just one year, it seemed like a lifetime for those who were close to her. But above the disease and the tough days they remember a smiling, beautiful baby girl.

“What got you through was she always had a smile on her face,” said Teresa Ward, Annah’s grandmother.

Annah passed away on Thursday, but thanks to a group of special people she will not be forgotten, forever immortalized with a garden dedicated to her spirit, inspired by her smile.

“I just want her to be remembered the way we loved her,” said Teresa. “This garden, it really means a lot to me.”

Volunteers showed up early and began breaking ground, Digging to make way for new growth and a place to say goodbye, a place to reminisce.

“It started out with just a handful of social workers and then grew to probably ten to twenty social workers,” said Nancy Sundin, the family’s social worker.

Every detail was planned out, including some of Annah’s favorites delicately placed into the design.

“Over the course of the month we realized the things we wanted to do to signify Annah,” said Nancy.

Things such as a bench with Annah’s favorite storybook character painted on it.

“She loved Tinkerbell,” said Teresa.

And a pond whose water holds a few creatures Annah would have loved to see.

“She loves fish,” said Teresa. “She always gives us a fishy kiss.”

Thanks to a huge outpouring of community support, Annah’s grandparent’s dream of having a place where there two year old granddaughter can continue to grow have become reality.

“I just want her to be remembered the way we loved her,” said Teresa. “This garden, it really means a lot to me.”

Maybe the most important thing this garden will bring are smiles, something Annah’s family says that no matter what, no matter how many treatments, or how much pain she was in, Annah always managed to smile.

“She just gave the biggest smile and it just melts in your heart,” said Teresa. “I know she has that spirit in her.”

A sprit that lives on in her garden.