LIST: Spokane County libraries closed

`where The Goodies Are Great’: Sweets Lovers Welcome Diwali
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Lakshmi Puja, known as Chopda Pujan in other regions such as Gujarat, is the third day of the Diwali’s five-day celebration that is all about the goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is known as the goddess of wealth and purity, and because of that, it is common to find people adorning books, computers, checkbooks with fruit, sweets, and flowers to offer Lakshmi in return for a blessing. For some, attending a temple or doing a simple prayer is all that signifies the day. Regardless, it is thought that a blessing from the goddess of wealth during this holy time will result in financial prosperity for the coming year.

SPOKANE, Wash. – All Spokane County Library District facilities are closed for Wednesday, Nov. 30 because of extreme weather. The closure is in place for the following locations:

  • Airway Height Library
  • Argonne Library and Administrative Offices
  • Cheney Library
  • Deer Park Library
  • Fairfield Library
  • Medical Lake Library
  • Moran Prairie Library
  • North Spokane Library
  • Otis Orchards Library
  • Spokane Valley Library The BookEnd in Spokane Valley Mall

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