Liquor Board Investigating Whether Keizer Was Overserved

The Washington State Liquor Control Board is investigating if at least two local bars overserved a man accused of drunk driving and killing an 11-year-old boy.

Police say William Keizer was driving at Mission and Trent when he hit the car carrying Wyatt Herres just days before Christmas. Keizer told an officer he had been drinking at the Lil’ Bigfoot Tavern, the Special K Tavern and at his house before the collision.

Now the liquor control board is trying to determine if employees at one of the taverns may have given Keizer too much to drink. Just a mile away from the Lil’ Bigfoot Tavern witnesses say Keizer was driving recklessly when he hit another car. Wyatt Herres was in that other car and he died at the scene.

Keizer later told police he had at least 12 shots of alcohol and beer that day. It’s not clear if he had them all at one place or if he drank mostly at his house.

If the bars are found to be at fault they could get their liquor license suspended and pay a hefty fine. In the meantime Keizer’s trial is set for next month. He pleaded not guilty to both vehicular assault and vehicular homicide in court Wednesday afternoon.