Lin-Manuel Miranda has shingles, quarantined from 8-week-old son

Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed that he’s battling shingles.

The “Hamilton” creator took to Twitter on Thursday to tell followers that what he thought was a migraine, turned out to be shingles.

“Hey, cool story. This isn’t a migraine, it’s shingles! Caught it early, quarantined away from the baby, in a Phantom mask til further notice.”

Miranda and his wife, Vanessa Nadal, welcomed a baby boy in February. They also have a 3-year-old son.

Shingles, the same virus that causes chickenpox, includes symptoms of pain and a rash.

On Friday, the playwright and Broadway composer took to social media to clarify that he was joking about the mask and is staying “up the street” at his parents’ home.