Lewis County Board proposes cutting funds to senior centers

Lewis County Board proposes cutting funds to senior centers
Local seniors who depend on the Mid City Senior Center as a place to eat are about to feel the sting of the economic slump. The senior center is cutting three meals a week due to a reduction in federal funding.

County commissioners have been met with fiery opposition to a proposal that would eliminate county funding to five senior centers south of Olympia.

The Chronicle reports dozens of senior citizens attended the Lewis County Board of Commissioners meeting in Chehalis Monday to address commissioners over proposed budget cuts.

Many said it could mean the closure of at least some of the senior centers.

Commissioner Edna Fund says declining interest revenue and other sources of county income, along with increasing costs for state mandated services such as indigent legal defense and jail medical care, have stretched the county’s 2017 budget.

A vote to approve the budget, which would include about $196,000 to fund the centers through June 30, is scheduled for Dec. 5.

Chehalis is about 25 miles south of Olympia.