‘Let’s do this’: Doctors say local teen battling terminal brain cancer could live 2-3 more years

Jaden Baer FaceTiming JackSepticEye

SPOKANE, Wash. — When Jaden Baer was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he vowed to spend every day completing items on his bucket list.

Doctors gave the local 16-year-old nine months to live and Baer’s response was “I’m going to keep fighting.”

Since that day, he has continued to mark things off his list and continued his fight. Now, his strength is bringing some positive news. Doctors now think Baer could live for another two to three years.

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His mother, Jessica Eckersley, said the fight is still not over yet. While Baer’s tumor is shrinking, surgery is still too risky.

He will begin treatment with a trial vaccination that has been proven to be helpful with his type of cancer by slowing the growth. The process will take between four and six weeks, and his family will be living in Seattle the entire time.

The vaccination turns on the immune system, allowing it to attack itself. During the trial, the risks are different from person to person.

After several weeks, if Baer is doing well, he can move back to Spokane and will only have to travel to Seattle every three weeks for treatment.

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If for some reason he needs to stop the vaccine, there is a plan B. Eckersley said another treatment option would be a combination of oral and IV chemotherapy.

“The doctors do not have a ‘timeline’ however they continue to be impressed with how well Jaden is responding to treatment so far and continue to talk about two to three years before we need to shift our plans,” Eckersley said. “Jaden is excited and ready to go. He said ‘Let’s do this.’ Thank you for all your kind words, prayers etc. Keep it going, it’s working!”

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