‘Let’s come together’: WSU interim football coach Jake Dickert reiterates commitment to team

PULLMAN, Wash. — Faith. Trust. Belief. 

Those are the three words Jake Dickert uses to inspire his coaching. 

The defensive coordinator was elevated to interim head coach of the Washington State University football team on Monday in the wake of Nick Rolovich’s termination. 

After months of speculation, Rolovich was fired with cause for not meeting the state’s vaccination deadline. Several assistant coaches also lost their jobs for the same reason. 

Dickert spent time on Tuesday talking to reporters about his new role, his plans for the team and why he chose to get vaccinated in May. Throughout the entire briefing, he made clear that his main focus is on his players and giving them opportunities. 

“Let’s come together because I believe they deserve this,” he said. 

Dickert, who has been with the team for two seasons, did not shy away from talking about his former head coach. He noted that Rolovich gave him the opportunity to come to WSU and said he will always be thankful for that. 

He added that there was a plan in place ahead of Rolovich’s termination, but said he did not know about his new role until Athletic Director Pat Chun called him on Monday evening. Until a new head coach is found, Dickert will lead the team and continue to serve as defensive coordinator. 

“This is a special group of men. I feel for what they’re going through. I’m going to be here for what they’re going through and the only thing I promise is that I’m going to be honest with them every day,” Dickert said. 

He said if he can stick to his three cornerstones – faith, trust and belief — he believes the team will be able to finish the goals they have set out to achieve. 

It is no surprise that Dickert was able to take the interim coaching because he is vaccinated. In May, he tweeted about his decision to get the COVID-19 and said he did so to help his players. 

“At the time, it was a rallying cry,” he said. “We didn’t know if there would be fans in the stadium, you know? I was trying to be supportive and use my voice and my outreach because I knew I was trying to do something for the players.” 

Dickert’s first game as interim head coach will be Saturday against BYU.

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