Learn To Relax With Tai Chi

SPOKANE — A new relaxation technique is catching on in Spokane. Tai Chi is the newest way to improve your balance and concentration and reduce stress.  

Doctors say the more relaxed you are the better your vision and that’s why Spokane’s Lilac Services for the Blind is offering a Tai Chi program.

Bob Petet, a certified instructor at Tai Chi for Health, says anyone can learn Tai Chi and benefit from the practice.

“The first benefit is reducing stress. Second of all it allows you to regain control of your body, it’ll show you how to start healing from within,” said Petet, who will be leading classes at Lilac Services for the Blind.

Not everyone in the class is visually impaired; there are individuals with fibromyalgia, diabetes and arthritis who use the class as a treatment for their medical condition.

“We’re having an introduction class so we can show people [Tai Chi],” said Petet. “People will watch and say ‘oh I can’t do that’ but it’s so easy to do.”

The free hour-long introductory session is on Tuesday, September 9, at Lilac Services for the Blind. The 12 week Tai Chi program runs from September 16 through December 2 and costs $75.