Lawn mower starts large vegetation fire along Sullivan

Lawn mower starts large vegetation fire along Sullivan

A lawn mower that became stuck against a bush started a large vegetation fire along Sullivan Road Wednesday afternoon.

The fire was reported just before 2:15 p.m. at 2700 N. Sullivan Road, next to the Honeywell building.

A mowing contractor was mowing the strip between the sidewalk and a long row of tall arborvitae shrubs when the mower became stuck. The heat from the mower engine touching the vegetation started the fire that spread quickly, due to high winds.

Flames shot from the six-foot tall shrubs adjacent to Sullivan Road and heavy smoke and embers blew eastward across Sullivan Road driven by strong winds.

Units from SVFD, responded to the fire and worked quickly to contain and extinguish the fire. Although a dumpster on the west side of the fence bordered by the tall shrubs caught fire, the fire did not spread to the Honeywell building, which is a manufacturing plant.

City of Spokane Valley Police blocked traffic along Sullivan from Euclid to Marietta for several hours and rerouted traffic.

No injuries were reported.