Law enforcement responds to online threat made towards North Pines Middle School

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Law enforcement responded to North Pines Middle School on Monday after a potential threat to safety was made on social media, the school said.

The Central Valley School District’s director of school safety was made aware of the threat, and law enforcement was called to North Pines.

After a thorough investigation, law enforcement determined the threat to not be credible, and there was no imminent threat to the school.

The school said law enforcement was able to track the student who created the fake account and they are not in school on Tuesday.

“Many of you have seen screenshots of a potential threat that came from a social media platform that was deemed to NOT be a viable threat,” Jeremy Vincent, Principal of North Pines Middle School, said. “However, I want you to know that while the student “name” you see in those messages is a student at North Pines, they did NOT create that “fake” social account, nor did they make any of those comments about a potential threat. Law enforcement was able to track who created the “fake” account and that student is NOT at school today. A reminder that law enforcement found this potential threat was NOT viable. Again, the student “name” that you see in the screenshot did NOT create the “fake” account or make any of those comments.”

There will be an additional security presence at North Pines Middle School on Tuesday out of an abundance of caution.

The school thanked those who reported the threats and reminded the public to continue to “See Something, Say Something,” and for parents to have that conversation with students.

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