KXLY engineers work to repair transmission signal

KXLY engineers work to repair transmission signal

KXLY4 Engineers spent Tuesday morning repairing the electronic “brains” of a transmission booster that failed Sunday morning.

The outage only affected those who watch KXLY4 with an antennae.

“We’ve had calls from Cheney to Chewelah,” said Tim Anderson KXLY4 Director of Engineering. “Even as far away as Post Falls.”

The equipment that failed was designed to add a stronger signal to the Spokane metro-area and engineers discovered it helped bring KXLY4 programming to a much larger area.

“We were surprised at how many eyes were watching,” said Anderson. “As a result, we are going to add backup features so that if we suffer another outage, it won’t cause the outage that we’ve been experiencing since Sunday.”

Engineers expect to have the equipment repaired by Tuesday afternoon. Viewers who re-scanned their televisions during the outage will need re-scan their television once the repairs are made.