Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office stretched by Hayden’s growth

HAYDEN, Idaho — Hayden just passed a levy to fund six more sheriff’s deputies for the city, adding to the four deputies already assigned specifically to Hayden.

The city of Hayden contracts with the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office for additional law enforcement services.

In 2010, Hayden contracted an independent study, which found that Hayden needs at least 20 deputies for adequate staffing.

Lieutenant Zachary Sifford, the Public Information Officer for the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office, explained 10 officers isn’t enough for Hayden.

“We will continue to supplement the short fallings of that for now,” he said. “Ultimately when law enforcement services are needed, we’re going to draw from other areas from the county to fill that need. And that’s where that stretch comes, because the rural area of the counties go without their deputies.”

The next step is to hire the additional deputies.

We’re looking at probably at the beginning of 2024 before a deputy is solo and is working the streets of Hayden, specifically for them,” Sifford said. “We’re definitely on the right road, and a step in the right direction but we still have some work to do now to recruit, train and equip.”

Sheriff Bob Norris, in a statement regarding the levy wrote:

“The residents of Hayden recognized the need for greater public safety in the city. The rapid growth is changing the small-town nature of Hayden and public safety must expand to maintain public safety levels. I am pleased to have the community’s support as we continue to provide public safety and keep the peace.”

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