Kingston Man Dies After I-90 Moose Collision

PINEHURST, ID — The driver of a car that hit a moose in the eastbound lanes of I-90 near Pinehurst died at Shoshone County Medical Center Thursday morning.

At about 6 a.m. 54-year-old Jesse Arthur of Kingston was driving eastbound on I-90 when a bull moose started crossing the freeway. Arthur’s car struck the moose near mile post 44 and the moose went through the windshield, striking Arthur.

Arthur’s car went across the median into the westbound lanes before coming to a stop.

The moose was hit by a truck which picked it up and dragged it another half mile down the road where it was run over by another car.

Paramedics performed CPR on Arthur, who was transported to Shoshone County Medical Center where he died.

Bret Allen, owner of Silver Auto Collision and Towing picked up Arthur’s car. It was a routine call that quickly turned personal.

“Herb was part of the towing community, he’s put in many, many years, [a] good man,” Allen said.

Allen says this is the second moose-car collision in the Silver Valley this year.

“Very dangerous mix between a 75-miles-an-hour moving vehicle and moose that’s black in color. You just can’t see ’em so it’s very dangerous, very dangerous,” he said.

Jim Hayden with the Department of Fish and Game says drivers could see more moose on the road because it’s the beginning of breeding season.

“I think people need to be a little more aware than they were 10, 15, 20 years ago that these populations are building and as we get more people and more roads we are going to have more conflicts and we need to be aware of these conflicts,” Hayden said.

Allen urges drivers to slow down, especially at night, adding he doesn’t want to pickup another car like this ever again.

“He’ll be sorely missed by a lot of people here and we wish the family and all the relatives, our hearts go out to them and wish them the best and let them know they have family here and ready to help in any way that we can,” he said.