Kevin Coe Battling Depression

SPOKANE – During a court hearing Friday it was revealed that South Hill rapist Kevin Coe is suffering from depression and has stopped eating and taking showers.

Coe’s mental health problems came to light Friday afternoon in Spokane Superior Court where Coe is fighting over where he’ll be confined during his upcoming civil commitment trial.

Right now he’s not eating and has stopped taking showers and has recently been transferred to a special facility at the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island to deal with what psychologists say is both deteriorating physical and mental health.

The civil commitment trial is supposed to last about two months and so the Washington Attorney General’s Office, which is representing the state in the case, wanted Coe locked up in the jail because it’s right next to the courthouse.

Coe wanted to stay at Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake and travel back and forth between the hospital and the courthouse however the AG’s office says it’s not willing to allow Coe to stay at Eastern State Hospital, which has coed dorms and patient rooms are left unlocked 24 hours a day.

At the conclusion of the hearing the court agreed with prosecutors that the jail was more convenient to transport Coe to and from the courtroom and would be more secure for Coe as well and denied his request to stay at Eastern State Hospital.