Kellyanne Conway’s husband appears to defend FBI raid of Michael Cohen

Kellyanne Conway’s husband appears to be defending special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as well as the FBI raid on Michael Cohen.

“Attorney-client privilege is dead!” President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday morning, the day after federal prosecutors raided the office of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

George Conway, a conservative lawyer, responded to Trump’s tweet with a link to the Department of Justice’s guidance for US attorneys in searching the premises of an attorney who is the subject of an investigation.

The DOJ manual for US attorneys lays out how to conduct a search without encroaching on attorney-client privileges.

Conway also retweeted an image of an old Washington Post headline: “Nixon sees ‘witch-hunt,’ insiders say.” He previously confirmed to CNN that the Twitter account is his.

Though his wife is counselor to the President, George Conway has been subtly critical of Trump on social media. Last month, he deleted a series of tweets and retweets as speculation mounted that his wife Kellyanne would be named communications director.

Conway insisted last June that he “very, very strongly” supports Trump but argued that the President’s tweets “seriously undermine” his administration’s agenda.