Judge sentences Tina Stewart’s killer to 16 years

Judge sentences Tina Stewart’s killer to 16 years

The courtroom was filled with family members and friends of both Tina Stewart and Nicholas Holden on Friday morning as a case that began last Thanksgiving came to a close.

Both sides read heart-wrenching statements speaking about the loss of Stewart, and Holden as a person.

Speakers from “Team Tina” as they have begun calling themselves, asked the judge to consider a maximum sentence, while Holden’s family members and employer asked the judge that because Holden had accepted guilt and that he had to face the consequences, to rule in accordance with the prosecutors ask of 195 months.

After a tearful apology from Holden, the judge sentenced him to that 195 months for second degree murder, during which most of the Team Tina left the courtroom in anger.

Family members told KXLY after they felt as if the system had failed them that 16 years was not a harsh enough sentence.